Recombination, New and Classical Approaches at the Higher Plant Level

  • Gerhard Wenzel
Part of the Progress in Botany / Fortschritte der Botanik book series (BOTANY, volume 45)


The classical steps in plant breeding are selection and new combination; using such recombination processes, plant breeding and classical genetics have achieved respectable progress (BORLAUG 1983) without understanding the contributing molecular genetic features. It is just recently that these two fields of genetics have started to collaborate actively, and that a discussion about a combined strategy has become realistic (COCKING et al. 1981, BARTON and BRILL 1983). There has been a joint approach to handling plant cells and genetic engineering by the search for procedures that allow identification and isolation of simple important genes delivering recombinant DNA for agriculture. Besides success in asexual recombination concerning predominantly progress in tissue culture and recombinant DNA technology, substantial new results have been obtained in which present classical breeding with a more reliable basis.


Doubled Haploid Somatic Hybrid Sister Chromatid Exchange Protoplast Fusion Chromosome Elimination 
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