Detection of HGPRT-Variant Lymphocytes Using the FIP High-Speed Image Processor

  • P. E. Perry
  • E. J. Thomson
  • M. H. Stark
  • J. H. Tucker
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The central issue in genetic toxicology is the assessment of the contribution of chemical and physical agents to genetic ill-health in Man. The major approach to this problem has been to assay the effects of suspect environmental agents upon laboratory animals or cultured prokaryotic or mammalian cells. On the basis of these experiments many carcinogens and mutagens have been identified and steps have been taken to eliminate some of these from our environment, but attempts to use the data so obtained to calculate the risks to Man have proved less than satisfactory. There is thus a clear requirement for a method to estimate directly the mutation rate in some readily available human tissue such as peripheral lymphocytes and such a technique would be of inestimable value in the screening of individuals exposed, through accident or occupation, to genotoxic agents.


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hypoxanthine-guanine phosphori-bosyltransferase






variant frequency


mitomycin C


integrated optical density


foetal calf serum




fast interval processor




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optical density units


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  • E. J. Thomson
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  • M. H. Stark
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  • J. H. Tucker
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