Comments on Ch. Carlsson’s “Realism in Hierarchical Modeling: A Fuzzy Systems Approach”

  • Milan Zeleny
Conference paper


Fuzzy systems approach is proposed to enhance the realism of systems modeling, as it promises to cope better with the complexity and ambiguity so often encountered in the real world. There can be no question in our minds that fuzzy systems framework is desirable and that modeling realism can never be taken seriously without accounting for and dealing with the fuzziness of human language and ambiguity of human values. Such task and effort are significant undertakings and no level of encouragement can be deemed adequate. However, such strivings should be distinguished from the more expedient (and often trivial) and less scientific attempts for fuzzification of existing models. While fuzzy systems framework for developing new models of reality is a novel and noble task, “fuzzification” of the existing old models (those originally based on inherently non-fuzzy assumptions) represents an unfortunate “short-cut” to be pursued by less patient minds.


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