Facial Nerve in its Borderline from the Intratemporal to the Extratemporal Segment

  • A. Miehlke
  • E. Stennert
  • C. Limberg
Conference paper


By an agreement with our moderator, Mr. Samii, we shall subdivide the now following topic “facial nerve surgery” into several sections: While Mr. Devriese from Amsterdam will talk about current diagnostics of facial injuries, we will have the pleasure to listen to Mr. Bebear from the Portmann-Team in Bordeaux, who will be concerned with traumatic lesions of the facial nerve as a consequence of a great number of head injuries. Corresponding to his subject, Mr. Bebear will deal with the surgery of the facial nerve within its intratemporal segment.


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  • A. Miehlke
    • 1
  • E. Stennert
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  • C. Limberg
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  1. 1.GöttingenGermany

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