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Glucagon and Adipose Tissue Lipolysis

  • P. J. Lefebvre
Part of the Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology book series (HEP, volume 66 / 1)


Although discovered much later than its effects on carbohydrate metabolism, the action of glucagon on adipose tissue lipolysis seems particularly relevant and its importance in physiology has been stressed in various reviews and monographs (Lefebvre 1966a, 1967, 1972, 1975; Weinges 1968; F 1968; Felig 1970; Lefebvre and Luyckx 1971; Schade et al. 1979; Unger 1981). In the present chapter, we will discuss the effects of glucagon on adipose tissue and on circulating free fatty acids (FFA) and attempt to delineate the physiologic importance of these phenomena.


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