Comparison of Psychometric Findings Following Use of Bubble and Membrane Oxygenator

  • H. J. L. Boccalon


Gilberstadt and Sako in 1967 [5], Kornfeld et al. in 1965 [6] established that significant disorders of the central nervous system occur with greater frequency after cardiac surgery using extracorporeal circulation (E.C.C.) than after other types of surgery. Frequency varies according to author and whether behavorial or neurological disturbances are considered. Burgess et al. [2], Egerton and Kayj [4], Rimon et al. [7], related that psychiatric complications after cardiac surgery vary from 13%–57%. Tufo et al. [8] describes 43% of behavorial disturbances and 50% of neurological complications. Now, the small number of clinically discernible neurological complications motivated the use of a protocol of psychometric tests, designed to objectify more sensitively the cerebral changes following cardiac surgery.


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