Hemodynamic Changes During Aortic Arch Angiography. A Comparative Study Using Two Contrast Media: Telebrix 30 (Ioxitalamate) and Hexabrix (Ioxaglate)

  • J. M. Caillé
  • A. M. Bidabé
  • P. Floras
  • F. Guibert-Tranier


The development of area generations of contrast media prompted us to study their side effects and to compare them with classical products during 47 aortic arch examinations. Telebrix 30, the most commonly used, is a 66% solution of meglumine of ioxitalamic acid, which contains 30% iodine. Its osmolality is 1490 mosmol/kg H2O. It was compared with Hexabrix, a mixture of 28.8% sodium salts and 28.8 meglumine salts of ioxaglic acid. This new product is unusual in its weak osmolality (580 mosmol/kg H2O) when compared with classical products, through its iodine content (32%) is the same. It is a monoacid dimer, that is, a structure which can carry double the quantity of iodine carried by the ion in solution.


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  • J. M. Caillé
  • A. M. Bidabé
  • P. Floras
  • F. Guibert-Tranier

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