Primary cortical areas receive a deftned input which makes them especially appropriate for investigating cortical functions. The striate area is the only isocortical fteld which can be delineated unequivocally in the human brain. Nevertheless, there have been only a few morphological studies of this particular area (cytoarchitectonic studies: Bailey and Von Bonin 1951, Beck 1934, Von Economo and Koskinas 1925, Filirnonoff 1932; myeloarchitectonic studies: Sanides and Vitzthum 1965, Vogt and Vogt 1919; pigmentoarchitectonic studies: Braak H 1976, 1977). For Golgi impregnations, Ramón y Cajal (1900,1909–1911), Conel (1939–1967), and Shkol’nik-Yarros (1971) preferred the incompletely myelinated material taken from brains of young children — a fact that somewhat restricts their descriptions of the human striate area.


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