Our study focuses on two aminopeptidases occurring in the kidney, aminopeptidase A and aminopeptidase M, which were discovered by Pfleiderer and Celliers (1963, APM) and Glenner et al. (1962, APA). We know from biochemical studies that aminopeptidase A (APA; membrane aminopeptidase II, aspartate aminopeptidase, glutamate aminopeptidase, E.C. is a membrane-bound enzyme (McDonald and Schwabe 1979, Kenny 1979 lit.) with a molecular weight of about 190000 (Nagatsu et al. 1970). We do not yet know the subunits of which the enzyme may be composed. It is reported that APA specifically removes N-terminal α-L-glutamic acid residues and α-L-aspartic acid residues from peptides (McDonald and Schwabe 1979). Aminopeptidase M (APM; membrane aminopeptidase I, E.C.


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