Indication and Technique of Knee Joint Arthrodesis

  • S. Weller
  • K. Weise
Conference paper


Arthrodeses of the knee joint performed in 109 patients from 1969 to 1980 at the Workmen’s Compensation Board Hospital, Tübingen, West Germany, demonstrate that results achieved with this technique compare favorably with results of alloarthroplastic knee joint replacements. Arthrodesis was first described and performed by Albert approximately 100 years ago. Originally, this procedure was mainly confined to tuberculous, poliomyelitic or tabetic joints. As increasing experience was gained in the control of these conditions, this procedure was gradually extended for the treatment of rheumatic and post-traumatic joint disorders. Today, surgical ankylosis of the knee joint is indicated in patients with serious limb impairment associated with painful and restricted motion, recurrent inflammatory conditions or irreversible ligament instabilities.


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  • K. Weise

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