Programmieren mit graphischen Mitteln: Die Sprache GRADE und ihre Implementation

  • Hans-Eckart Sengler
Conference paper
Part of the Informatik-Fachberichte book series (INFORMATIK, volume 53)


An overview is given on the programming language GRADE and its implementation in a pilot version of a GRADE-system.

The language is an attempt to utilize graphical means of describing systems, well known in engineering disciplines or in program documentation, directly for programming. The aim is to make existent programs easier to comprehend by the experienced user. In a GRADE pro-gram therefore, the semantically most important structures are being represented graphically: the component structure, the potential flow of control and the potential flow of data. The notation was developed from that of Petri Nets, the semantics are based on PASCAL.

In the GRADE-system a language-specific editor allows the editing of graphics and text. It stores a program with its component structure directly accessible, reducing the necessary syntactical analysis by the compiler. A supervisor controls the execution of a compiled program showing the source program on a graphical display and within it the actual flow of data and control.


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  • Hans-Eckart Sengler
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  1. 1.URW-UnternehmensberatungHamburgGermany

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