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Silver and Associated Minerals in the Northwestern Odenwald, Germany

  • M. Fettel
Conference paper
Part of the Special Publication of the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits book series (MINERAL DEPOS., volume 2)


Three occurrences of silver and uranium ores in the northwestern Odenwald near Nieder Ramstadt, Nieder Beerbach and Waschenbach are described in a paragenetic, petrographic, and tectonic respect.

The description leads to genetic considerations with the following results:
  • All the ore mineralizations belong to one tectonic system which was created in several separated phases in conjunction with the activation of the Rhine Graben lineament.

  • Each paragenetic formation is a separate process bound with a specific tectonic phase, such that the Pb-Cu-Zn-As and the Bi-Co-Ni-Ag parageneses are older than the U-Fe-Pb-Zn-Cu one.

  • The origin of the ore-bearing “hydrothermal” solutions is discussed, whereby a connection of ascendant and descendant (uranium-bearing) solutions appear probable.


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  • M. Fettel
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  1. 1.Heppenheim-KirschhausenGermany

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