Function of Genetic Material

Genetics of Storage Proteins and Gene-Enzymes Relationships in Higher Plants
  • R. Blaich
Part of the Progress in Botany/Fortschritte der Botanik book series (BOTANY, volume 43)


Our current knowledge of the function of genetic material has its origin in genetics and enzymology of prokaryotic organisms and fungi. The function of eukaryotic genes has been studied mainly in animals. Compared to the results in these fields the work on higher plants is still at its beginning. Numerous studies on flowering plants are to a great extent descriptive rather than functional, adding further examples to well-known facts, without allowing a deeper insight in gene function on a molecular level. Though descriptive work may be a valuable basis for advanced studies, the following review will consider only those results which consider both genes and the consequences of their action. Well-known gene products, whose genetic basis is also fairly well analyzed, are the storage proteins of some cereals and enzymes. These topics are discussed here in some detail. Literature cited is restricted to recent papers, which should be consulted for earlier work and further information. Subjects discussed earlier in this series are not considered, or only some important new results are mentioned, as in Section 3 (gene expression).


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