The Interaction of Structure and Dynamics in Chemical Reaction Networks

  • H. G. Othmer
Part of the Springer Series in Chemical Physics book series (CHEMICAL, volume 18)


Chemical reaction dynamics or chemical kinetics is concerned with the problem of predicting the temporal evolution of the composition of a reacting mixture, given its composition at an initial instant of time. To do this, one must know the mechanism and the rate constants of the various elementary steps, and one aspect of the problem concerns the a priori prediction of rate constants from bond energies and other properties of the reacting molecules. This aspect is covered in Golden’s contribution to this volume (Chap. 10). Another aspect concerns the question of how the topological structure of the reaction network, by which we mean the pattern of connections between species or groups of species imposed by the reactions between them, affects the dynamical behavior of the system. More precisely, one would like to know when such phenomena as multiple steady states, temporal oscillations, and chaotic dynamics can be ruled out solely on the basis of network structure, or on the basis of network structure and some general properties of the rate laws, both for well-mixed systems and for systems in which transport occurs on the same time scale as does reaction.


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