Allylamine Cardiovascular Toxicity: Modulation of the Monoamine Oxidase System and Biotransformation to Acrolein

  • P. J. Boor
  • T. J. Nelson
  • M. T. Moslen
  • P. Chieco
  • A. E. Ahmed
  • E. S. Reynolds
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Allylamine (3-aminopropene) is an aliphatic amine which is used in the production of drugs, antiseptics, and plastics. Many previous experimental studies have demonstrated the potent toxicity of allylamine toward the myocardium (Boor et al. 1979), coronary arteries (Lalich et al. 1972; Saito et al. 1977), aorta (Lalich 1969), and large arteries (Lowman et al. 1966, 1969).


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Authors and Affiliations

  • P. J. Boor
  • T. J. Nelson
  • M. T. Moslen
  • P. Chieco
  • A. E. Ahmed
  • E. S. Reynolds
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Pathology, Chemical Pathology DivisionUniversity of Texas Medical BranchGalvestonUSA

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