The Status of Microelements in Relation to Crop Production in Paddy Soils of China: II. Molybdenum

  • Tang Li-hua
Conference paper


The status of molybdenum of soil is important for growth and yield of certain crops. It has long been known to be required for fixation of nitren in legumes. Leguminous green manure crops are important sources of nutrients for paddy rice under the rotation system in southern China. Although paddy rice shows no response to molybdenum, leguminous green manure crops are usually responsive to molybdenum fertilizer. The status of molubienum in soil and the effect of Monutrient on the growth and yield of crops planted in paddy soils in China are summarized in this paper.


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  • Tang Li-hua
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  1. 1.Institute of Soil ScienceAcademia SinicaNanjingChina

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