Differentiation and Viral Involvement in Differentiation of Transformed Mouse and Rat Erythroid Cells

  • Wolfram Ostertag
  • Ian B. Pragnell
Part of the Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology book series (CT MICROBIOLOGY, volume 94/95)


An ever-increasing amount of work is being published on the influence of specific RNA tumour viruses on erythroid differentiation in the mouse [1–10]. This review will be restricted to discussion of the action of those C-type viruses which influence erythropoiesis in the adult mouse [1–3, 9, 10] and moreover to viruses which have been used to establish transplantable tumours or permanent cell lines [1–3, 9, 10]. The review will also discuss a possible viral involvement in the chemically induced rat erythroleukaemia [11, 12]. This leukaemia can be induced in adult animals with 100% efficiency. The cells are transplantable and grow in tissue culture [13] and are similar to cells obtained from Friend virus (FV) or Rauscher virus (RV) induced adult mouse erythroleukaemia. More recently, a human erythroleukaemia cell line of a patient with myeloid leukaemia was described [14]. This cell line can be induced to differentiate when butyrate or haem is added and mainly synthesises embryonic human globin chains [14, 15].


Erythroid Cell Erythroid Differentiation Virus Release Helper Virus Friend Virus 
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burst forming activity


burst forming unit of erythroid cells


burst promoting activity




colony forming unit of erythroid cells


colony stimulating factor








Friend leukaemia cells


mouse resistance gene against FV infection


Friend virus


Friend virus, anemia inducing variant


Friend virus, polycythemia inducing variant






dimethyl sulphoxide


mink cytopathic focus forming virus




myeloproliferative sarcoma virus


murine sarcoma virus




murine leukaemia virus










precursor protein


rat eiythroleukemia cells


Rauscher virus


Spleen focus forming virus


tumor colony forming units (of erythroid cells)


transient endogenous spleen colonies


thymidine kinase gene locus




temperature sensitive


MSV-Mol fibroblast transforming gene


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