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Renal Changes in Low Cardiac Output Failure: Improvement with Vasodilators

  • J. A. Mantle
  • R. O. RussellJr.
  • W. N. Tauxe
  • H. P. Dustan
  • W. J. Rogers
  • C. E. Rackley
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The renal retention of sodium is a major clinical problem in the syndrome of congestive heart failure. Both experimental and clinical studies have demonstrated that the abnormally low urinary excretion of sodium results from a reflex vasoconstriction of the renal vascular bed [2, 3, 8]. Our earlier clinical studies of isosorbide dinitrate in patients with acute myocardial infarction and heart failure demonstrated a significant synergistic effect with furosemide in patients who were oliguric [5]. In order to investigate the mechanisms responsible for these clinical observations, we undertook a perspective study of renal function and the response to vasodilators in patients with congestive heart failure [6].


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  • J. A. Mantle
  • R. O. RussellJr.
  • W. N. Tauxe
  • H. P. Dustan
  • W. J. Rogers
  • C. E. Rackley

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