Nucleic Acid Independent Synthesis of Peptides

  • H. Kleinkauf
  • H. von Döhren
Part of the Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology book series (CT MICROBIOLOGY, volume 91)


In this review we summarize some results on enzymatic peptide biosynthesis, the subject has been reviewed recently (Kurahashi 1974; Frøyshov et al. 1978; Katz and Demain 1977; Laland et al. 1978; Vining and Wright 1977; Kleinkauf and Koischwitz 1978). We will extent the concepts of enzymatic peptide elongation reactions which we have summarized earlier (Kleinkauf and Koischwitz 1978).


Surf Actin Cyclic Peptide Limited Proteolysis Peptide Antibiotic Peptide Bond Formation 
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Glossary of Abbreviations

a, A

amino acid




amino-isobutyric acid


α-amino-adipic acid


α-amino-butyric acid


alamethicin synthetase








α-β-dehydrobutyric acid


diaminobutyric acid


2,6-diamino-7-hydroxyazaleic acid


2,3-dihydroxybenzoic acid




diaminopimelic acid




diaminopropionic acid


edeine synthetase


enniatin synthetase

Enz, ENZ





gramicidin S synthetase


hydroxyisovaleric acid




leupeptin acid synthetase


linear gramicidin synthetase


N-acetyl-muramic acid

O, Orn





tyrocidine synthetase




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