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Intermittent Dose Schedule of Retinoids (Ro 10-9359) for Long-term follow-up on Psoriasis (Preliminary Report)

  • L. Domínguez-Soto
  • M. T. Hojyo-Tomoka
  • J. J. Armas
Conference paper


It has been well established in many publications, that retinoids and especially the one known as Ro 10-9359 (Tigason) are effective in the treatment of psoriasis. Orfanos (3) concludes that its effectiveness may vary according to the different clinical forms of the disease. It is also clear now that the adequate initial dose is 1 mg/kg/day; to be reduced to 0.66 mg/kg/day until an adequate remission is achieved. Patients are then kept on a minimum maintenance dose.


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  • L. Domínguez-Soto
  • M. T. Hojyo-Tomoka
  • J. J. Armas

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