Reversible Functional Damage of VIIIth Cranial Nerve in Arachnopathia Pontocerebellaris

  • K. Ehrenberger


Functional damage to the acoustic nerve in arachnopathia pontocerebellaris is not necessarily irreversible in all cases. In the case of postarachnitic strangulation where only circumscript myelin sheath damage is present in the sense of a neurapraxia, functional integrety can be achieved with surgical decompression of the nerve. With the aid of various neuro-otological examination methods such as cisternoscopy, electrocochleography, and brain stem audiometry, we are now able to exactly differentiate and diagnose arachnopathia from an expansive process in the pontine angle (i.e. acoustic neurinoma) as well as reversible postarachnitic neuropraxia of the acoustic nerve from an irreversible nerve damage such as axonotmesis and neurotmesis (Ehrenberger et al., 1977).


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