Microsurgery of the Extratemporal Portion of the Facial Nerve

  • A. Miehlke


Let me state at the beginning that, as often occurs in operative techniques, there are many ways to skin a cat. Every surgeon has his own special experience, and one or the other method is expecially suited to his abilities. I shall therefore present for each facial nerve segment only the particular approach I personally am using and, due to the limited time, refrain from demonstrating different operative methods which may be suited equally well for the same purposes. In discussing problems of extratemporal facial nerve surgery we are involved in anatomically very dissimilar structures which have followed completely different paths of surgical development. However, the combination of the operative methods of parotid surgery with those of neurosurgery has produced the present state of extratemporal facial nerve surgery.


Facial Nerve Parotid Gland Pleomorphic Adenoma Nerve Stump Parotid Tumor 
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