The Association of Small Nuclear RNA Species with Rapidly Sedimenting Subnuclear Structures

  • B.-J. Benecke
  • B. Heide
Conference paper


In contrast to procaryotes, eucaryotic cells contain a discrete set of low molecular weight RNA species with a size distribution between 4 S and 7 S (Dingman and Peacock, 1968; Weinberg and Penman, 1968; Hodnett and Busch, 1968). Studies using cell fractionation procedures demonstrated the existence of a cytoplasmic group (small cytoplasmic RNA, scRNA) and a nuclear group (small nuclear RNA, snRNA) among these low molecular weight RNA species (Zieve and Penman, 1976). As to the biosynthesis of small RNA molecules it has been shown that, in addition to 5 S and transfer RNA, scRNA species too are synthesized by RNA polymerase C or III (Zieve et al. 1977), whereas nothing is known about the transcription of snRNA. The exact biological function of the small molecular weight RNA species remains widely obscure at present.


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  • B.-J. Benecke
  • B. Heide
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  1. 1.Department of BiochemistryRuhr-UniversityBochumGermany

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