Cellular Transformation by Polyoma Virus

  • U. Novak
  • B. E. Griffin
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Polyoma is a virus carried by mice. In its natural host, only under exceptional circumstances is it oncogenic. The exceptions are revealed when large doses of the virus are injected into the animal, or when it is immunodeficient. For example, Allison et al. (1974) found that athymic nude (nu/nu) mice were highly susceptible to polyoma virus and a wide variety of tumours, including carcinomas of the skin follicles, salivary glands, kidneys and renal pelvis, and osteosarcomas, were produced in these animals within four weeks after the virus had been injected. Polyoma virus also produces tumours in a variety of other rodents under less exceptional circumstances.


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  • U. Novak
  • B. E. Griffin
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  1. 1.Imperial Cancer Research FundLondonEngland

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