Distribution and Tectonic Setting of Kimberlites

  • J. Barry Dawson
Part of the Minerals and Rocks book series (MINERALS, volume 15)


The general world-wide distribution of kimberlites is shown in Fig. 1 and in greater detail for the main kimberlite provinces in Figs. 2–6. From the aspect of the tectonic setting of kimberlite, Dawson (1970) established that, in the case of the kimberlites of Africa, most kimberlites are confined to the ancient cratons (or areas underlain by the cratons), and that relatively few are to be found in the circum-cratonic fold-belts. This general principle is true for other kimberlite provinces and, in the following review, the kimberlite distribution will be discussed within their tectonic framework. In addition, it is apparent that in many areas, and particularly in the circum-cratonic fold-belts, the intrusion of kimberlite is part of a phase of very limited igneous activity manifested by intrusion of other rare rock-types; brief summaries of this contemporary activity are included below.


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