Tumors of the Salivary Glands

  • A. Zuppinger


This tumor group — the majority arising from the parotid gland — is very interesting from the tumor biologic standpoint on account of the manifold histological variabilities with different clinical behavior which should be considered when planning treatment. Mixed tumors, mucoepidermoid and adenocystic carcinomas, which were formerly often taken together as semimalignant tumors, were considered to be radioresistant, so that only the other malignant tumors were sent for radiotherapy, and generally only after operation or recurrence after surgery. The results with conventional irradiation, contact therapy, and high voltage irradiation were not satisfactory. The therapy of these tumors with electrons, which was first recommended by Becker [2] mainly for physical reasons, has entirely changed the treatment and prognosis of these tumors, though for superficial cases the isodoses are similar to contact therapy.


Manifold Sarcoma Noma Hemangiopericytoma 


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