Chest Radiology Today: Overview

  • R. G. Fraser
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The purpose of this contribution is to review the current status of chest radiology in the world today, and to indicate new developments that have taken place during the past couple of years. I wish also to address briefly the question “where are we going?” The first of these tasks — an update of current knowledge — has proven relatively easy. I have reviewed the radiologic literature, chiefly American, of the past 2 or 3 years and have selected those contributions which I have felt have been most significant. I must emphasize the fact that I have only casually surveyed contributions made to chest radiology in the physiologic, pathologic, medical, and surgical journals. This is perhaps a serious omission since it is probable that the explosion of knowledge that has occurred in the field of chest disease over the past few years has been more physiologic and clinical than radiologic. With the exception of computerized tomography, I must conclude that major advances in the radiologic diagnosis of chest disease have been less than auspicious.


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