Normal and Leukemic Hematopoiesis in Diffusion Chambers: Comparison with In Vitro Culture Systems

  • H. E. Broxmeyer
  • L. Koltun
  • N. Jacobsen
  • M. A. S. Moore
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Different assays for progenitor cells of the granulocyte-macrophage lineage were assessed for their capacity to support the proliferation and differentiation of bone marrow and blood cells from patients with leukemia and bone marrow and spleen cells from mice with a transplantable myelomonocytic leukemia originally induced with Graffi’s virus. The heterogeneity of progenitor cell populations revealed by cell separation analysis and culture of cells in semisolid and liquid suspension cultures in vitro and in diffusion chambers implanted into mice was reviewed, as was the responsiveness of these cells to cell-derived inhibitory activities such as lactoferrin, leukemia-associated inhibitory activity (LIA), neutropenia-associated inhibitory activity, and the E-type prostaglandins. Differentiation of cells from patients and mice with leukemia to morphologically mature forms during culture in diffusion chambers but not in the in vitro colony or liquid suspension assays suggests that some of the factors necessary for the differentiation of these cells is lacking in the in vitro assays. The differentiation of cells in diffusion chambers was coincident with a large decrease in levels of LIA obtained from mice with leukemia and is discussed in terms of the concept of remission and relapse of acute leukemia.

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  • H. E. Broxmeyer
  • L. Koltun
  • N. Jacobsen
  • M. A. S. Moore

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