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  • Bodo-Eckehard Strauer


The examinations described in the present study were performed on a total of 88 patients who for diagnostic purposes underwent cardiac catheterisation, coronary angiography and ventriculography (Table 1). All patients examined had essential hypertension which was compensated in 76 cases and decompensated in 12. Of the patients with compensated hypertension, 32 presented with significant stenoses in the region of the left coronary artery (degree of stenosis > 75%). In 29, hypertension was associated with hypo- and akinesis involving more than 30% of the left ventricular hemicircumference. Hypertensives with left ventricular dyskinesis as evidenced by ventriculography were not included due to the abnormal temporal position of the peak systolic wall stress developed during the systole. The hypertensives examined were grouped and classified according to their degree of hypertrophy, their coronary manifestations and their degree of left ventricular performance (Fig. 1):
  1. Group I:

    compensated essential hypertension without coronary stenoses

  2. Group II:

    compensated essential hypertension with coronary stenoses

  3. Group III:

    essential hypertension with regional wall contraction disturbances

  4. Group IV:

    decompensated essential hypertension



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