Abnormal Left Atrial Size and Wall Motion

  • Jean Paul Lintermans
  • Willem Gerrit van Dorp


The left atrium can be measured along different axes: (1) an anterior-posterior axis (or Z axis) at the level of the aortic valve; (2) a superior-inferior axis (or Y axis) from the suprasternal notch; and (3) an oblique axis behind the interatrial septum [197].


Patent Ductus Arteriosus Ventricular Septal Defect Mitral Valve Stenosis Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Mitral Valve Regurgitation 
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  • Jean Paul Lintermans
    • 1
  • Willem Gerrit van Dorp
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  1. 1.Cliniques Universitaires St. Luc Cardiologie PediatriqueUniversité Catholique de LouvainBrusselsBelgium
  2. 2.Capelle aan den IJsselThe Netherlands

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