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Blood and Bone Marrow Follow-Up Studies on Patients with Preleukemic States — Observation of Different Phases of the Evolving Leukemic Process

  • I. Fohlmeister
  • H. E. Schaefer
  • K.-P. Hellriegel
  • R. Fischer
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Analysis of the preleukemic state of 15 patients, 12 of whom developed acute leukemia after 4 to 54 months, showed three morphological types of the preleukemic state. Two or all of them were passed successively by our patients. Thus they represent different phases of the evolving leukemic process. The usual sequence seems to be aplastic phase, erythropoietic hyper- and dysplasia, and finally granulopoietic hyper- and dysplasia. Overt leukemia apparently develops out of either of these phases. According to our findings, the differentiation of the leukemia is the higher, and the overt leukemic phase is the longer, the earlier this takes place.

In all but one of our cases, marrow blast cells were increased during a prolonged phase preceding overt leukemia, without particular association to the different morphological marrow phases.


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  • I. Fohlmeister
  • H. E. Schaefer
  • K.-P. Hellriegel
  • R. Fischer

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