Expression of Thy 1.2 Antigen on Hybrids of B Cells and a T Lymphoma

  • G. M. Iverson
  • R. A. Goldsby
  • L. A. Herzenberg
Conference paper


We and others reported that hybrids of spleen cells and the lymphoma line BW5147 express the Thy1.2 antigen of the splenic donor (1–3). Whether only T cells were the splenic parent of these hybrids could not be concluded from the hybrid phenotypes. We report here that either Ig+ (B) cells or Ig (T and other) cells give hybrids with BW5147 that express the Thy1.2 allele in the genome of the spleen cell whether or not that allele was expressed on the spleen cell parent.


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  • G. M. Iverson
  • R. A. Goldsby
  • L. A. Herzenberg

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