Hybrid Plasmacytoma Production: Fusions with Adult Spleen Cells, Monoclonal Spleen Fragments, Neonatal Spleen Cells and Human Spleen Cells

  • R. H. Kennett
  • K. A. Denis
  • A. S. Tung
  • N. R. Klinman


Development by Milstein et al. (1,2,3) of methods for producing hybrid cell lines synthesizing antibody against antigens of choice should facilitate progress in many areas of biology and immunochemistry. In general it will make possible advances in at least two areas: 1) analysis of the mouse B-cell repertoire and 2) production of monoclonal antibodies to be used as reagents. We will describe here the methods we have used to make progress in both of these areas.


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  • K. A. Denis
  • A. S. Tung
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