Virion-Associated RNA Polymerases of Double-Stranded RNA Mycoviruses

  • K. W. Buck
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Study of the replication cycle of a virus ideally requires a system for obtaining synchronous infection of the host cells with the virus particles. Such systems have been available for many years for bacteriophages and animal viruses, and in recent years also for plant viruses, but a suitable system has not yet been developed for any double stranded RNA (dsRNA) mycovirus. The protoplast system described by Lhoas (1971) seems to be the most promising and there are no theoretical reasons why the method should not be adapted to obtain a synchronous infection. Success in the future may depend on (1) obtaining a virus preparation with a high proportion of infective particles, (2) fractionation of the virus preparation to eliminate replicative intermediates and (3) preparation of protoplasts in the correct physiological state for uptake of a large number of virus particles per protoplast. However even in the absence of synchronous infections, useful information concerning the replication cycle of a virus can often be obtained by indirect methods, including studies in vitro of virion-associated nucleic acid polymerases, which will form the subject of the present paper.


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