Experimental Auxiliary Heart Transplantation

  • C. H. Moore
  • D. N. Ross


Auxiliary heart transplantation was first performed over 70 years ago. Work progressed over the years from transplanting a nonworking heart in a nonthoracic location to intrathoracic transplantation of a heterotopic heart in parallel with the recipient heart, assuming a portion of the circulatory load. Clinical orthotopic transplantation was ultimately achieved in 1967 and for a brief period seemed the final answer in cardiac replacement. The multitude of problems associated with orthotopic cardiac replacement, including the immunologic problems of rejection, infection, the difficulty in obtaining donors, the contraindications imposed by pulmonary hypertension, the difficulties of psychologic acceptance, and the irrevocability of the procedure have continued to limit the application of this procedure to only a few terminal cases of cardiac failure.


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