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Quantitative Study of a Chemical Oscillation

  • J.-C. Roux
  • C. Vidal
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Series in Synergetics book series (SSSYN, volume 3)


The continuous-fed open reactor developed in our laboratory [l] allows the steady observation of any oscillating reaction over a very long time. Taking advantage of the perfect stability of the oscillations thus obtained, we have designed an apparatus for a study of the intermediate species involved in such periodic reactions. A full description has appeared elsewhere [2], so we shall only present the results obtained during the study of the BRIGGS and RAUSCHER reaction [3] under the following set of experimental conditions:
$$\begin{array}{l} {\left[ {{H_2}{O_2}} \right]_o} = 1.1M\quad ;\;{\left[ {KI{O_3}} \right]_o} = .019M \\ {\left[ {C{H_2}{{\left( {COOH} \right)}_2}} \right]_o} = .013m\quad ;\;{\left[ {MnS{O_4}} \right]_o} - .004M \\ {\left[ {HCl{O_4}} \right]_o} = .057M\quad ;\;T = 25^\circ C\;;\;\tau = 4.8\min \\ \end{array}$$


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  • J.-C. Roux
  • C. Vidal

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