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Experimental Evidence of Noise-Induced Transitions in an Open Chemical System

  • P. De Kepper
  • W. Horsthemke
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Series in Synergetics book series (SSSYN, volume 3)


Recent theoretical studies of simple chemical schemes suggest that external noise can deeply modify the macroscopic behaviour of the system [1]. Details of this analysis can be found in the contribution of R. LEFEVER-W. HORSTHEMKE in this issue. With the exception of analogical electrical circuit simulations done by KABASHIMA et al. [2] no experimental test of these theoretical results has been carried out. In the following we will report experimental results obtained in the BRIGGS-RAUSCHER (B.R.) [3] oscillating chemical reaction which agree with the theoretical predictions.


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  • P. De Kepper
  • W. Horsthemke

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