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This chapter deals with nicotinamide nucleotide transhydrogenases, E.C. (pyridine nucleotide oxidoreductase) which catalyze hydrogen transfer between two pyridine nucleotides:
$$ {\text{NADPH + NA}}{{\text{D}}^{\text{ + }}} \rightleftharpoons {\text{NAD}}{{\text{P}}^{\text{ + }}}{\text{ + NADH}} $$
According to the source of the enzyme the reaction may or may not be reversible, and since definite specificity is lacking, the hydrogen acceptor may be generally substituted for by various nucleotide analogs such as thionicotinamide NAD(P)+ [=TN-NAD(P)+] or 3-acetylpyridine-adenine dinucleotide (phosphate). TNNAD(P)H has an absorption peak at 400 nm (ε=11.3 mM−1·cm−1), which often allows convenient determination of the reduced mother compounds in addition to the analog (Cohen and Kaplan, 1970b; Böger, 1972a). A transhydrogenase reaction as defined here does not imply a third substrate mediating hydrogen transfer as, for example, malate in malate/lactate “transhydrogenase” (Allen and Paul, 1972) or glutamate in glutamic dehydrogenases which are unspecific for pyridine nucleotides.


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