Immunologic Phenomena Induced by Cryosurgery

  • R. J. Ablin
  • P. D. Guinan


Until recently, cryosurgery of benign and malignant neoplasms had been utilized in the majority of cases in an anecdotal manner, the primary objective being palliation of readily accessible lesions, generally following their unsuccessful treatment by radiation, surgery, or both. In spite of early trepidations, continued interest in the therapeutic applications of cryosurgery have led to improvement in design and development. A major impetus to this increased application may have been the observation that in situ freezing of tissues constitutes an antigenic stimulus comparable to that obtained through the parenteral administration of antigen — and hence the term “cryoimmunology” (80). Followed shortly by reports of the remission of metastases following cryoprostatectomy (15, 19, 81), destruction of secondary tumors occurring beyond the freezing site prompted continuing investigation of the possible development of an immunologic response by the host against tumor and of the applicability of ultimately directing this response toward the therapeutic management of malignancy.


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