Pre-operative Examination

  • Georg Kamm
  • Toni Graf-Baumann


The possibility of performing adequate anaesthesia largely depends upon pre-operative examination and evaluation of the patient. The anaesthetist must know his patient and co-ordinate this knowledge with his strategy in using drugs and methods for performing anaesthesia. It is equally important that the patient knows his anaesthetist and has confidence in him. Pre-anaesthetic visits and examinations are therefore essential for routine work. Use of a fixed schedule as follows or an anaesthetic protocol helps to achieve a systematic pre-operative examination. Make sure it is the right patient and know the weight, length and age. A picture of the patient’s condition can be evaluated through:
  1. 1)

    Patient’s history

  2. 2)

    Clinical examination

  3. 3)

    Laboratory investigations



Sugar Hydrocortisone Respiration Dehydration Histamine 


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