Techniques of Administration of Nitrous Oxide / Oxygen Mixtures in the Emergency Situation

  • P. J. F. Baskett
Conference paper
Part of the Disaster Medicine book series (DISASTER, volume 2)


Our first priorities in the field of Immediate Care have naturally concentrated on support of the vital functions of airway, ventilation and the circulation. Pain relief, by contrast, has not received the same attention in the emergency situation. However, the relief of pain and anxiety is not only desirable on the obvious grounds of humanity and compassion but also because of the beneficial effects of analgesia on tissue perfusion. Pain produces an increase in circulating catechol amines with a consequent vasoconstriction and reduction in tissue perfusion. Those of us working as anaesthetists in the operating room see every day the improvement in the circulation which occurs as a result of giving adequate analgesia.


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