Wide-Body Aircraft Crash With Survivors

  • E. L. Nagel
Conference paper
Part of the Disaster Medicine book series (DISASTER, volume 1)


On December 29, 1972, a wide-bodied aircraft (Lockheed L-1011) with 163 passengers and 13 crew members crashed 18 miles west of Miami, Florida. Air speed at time of impact was in excess of 170 knots with a gradual rate of descent of 200 f/min. The terrain in the impact area was flat marshland covered with soft mud under 6—12 in. water. The aircraft disintegrated scattering wreckage over an area approximately 1600 ft long by 300 ft wide. No complete circumferential cross section remained of the passenger compartment of the fuselage. Five crew members and 94 passengers received fatal injuries. All other occupants received injuries ranging in severity from minor to critical.

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