Inheritance and Expression of Chicken Genes That Are Related to Avian Leukosis Sarcoma Virus Genes

  • Harriet L. Robinson
Part of the Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology book series (CT MICROBIOLOGY, volume 83)


Three different groups of avian C-type viruses have been shown to contain RNA-directed DNA polymerases (Table 1). Each of these groups has characteristic but unrelated RNA, structural proteins, and reverse transcriptase (Halpern et al., 1973; Mizutani and Temin, 1973; Kang and Temin, 1973; Moelling et al., 1975; Hanafusa, T. et al., 1976). The genetic information for these viruses is found in viral RNA as well as in cellular DNA. The current review focuses on the inheritance and expression of chicken genes that code for avian leukosis sarcoma virus (ALSVs) or viral products. These cellular genes will be referred to as endogenous viral genes. Viral genes that are carried in virus and introduced into cells by infection will be referred to as exogenous viral genes.


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