The Role of Angiotomography in the Evaluation of the Posterior Fossa

  • K. Sartor
  • E. Fliedner
  • N. Freckmann
  • K. Matsumoto
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Neurosurgery book series (NEURO, volume 5)


LAFONT et al. (2) were the first to perform tomography on cerebral vessels. Since that time (1956) cerebral angiotomography (AT) has been used routinely only in a relatively small number of neuroradiologic departments. The reason is mainly to be found in the fact that it was only rarely that suitable tomographic equipment was available in the angio-room. Therefore, other techniques of image enhancement and various methods of obtaining information on complex vascular structures were preferred. AT, however, can be a very effective means of solving certain angiographic problems, particularly in the posterior fossa. It is not a difficult procedure and does not require very sophisticated apparatus, at least in its most simple forms.


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  • K. Sartor
  • E. Fliedner
  • N. Freckmann
  • K. Matsumoto

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