The Role of Pregnancy-Specific B1-Glycoprotein in the Management of Pregnancies Complicated by Diabetes

  • M. S. Beebeejaun
  • V. Jandial
  • C. M. Towler
  • H. W. Sutherland
  • C. H. W. Horne
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Pregnancy specific ß1-glycoprotein (PS6G) (synonyms; SP1, PAPP-C and TBG) is a trophoblastic product which was described independently by Tatarinov and Masyukevich (1970), Bohn (1971) and Lin et al. (1974). Being a trophoblast product, it may have a role in assessing placental function. Chard (1974) has proposed that for a constituent of maternal blood to be a useful indicator of placental function, four criteria must be fulfilled. PS6G appears to meet these criteria since (1) it is not normally present in non-pregnant subjects; (2) it shows only a small day-to-day variation; (3) its plasma half life is relatively short (about 30-40 h); and (4) the plasma concentrations are sufficiently high to allow their measurements by simple, rapid techniques.


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  • M. S. Beebeejaun
  • V. Jandial
  • C. M. Towler
  • H. W. Sutherland
  • C. H. W. Horne

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