Introduction: What is a Logic of Discovery

  • Petr Hájek
  • Tomáš Havránek
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“Logic” and “Discovery” are certainly very familiar notions. The term “logic of discovery” belonged originally to the philosophy of science; “philosophers of science have repeatedly mentioned the process of discovery of scientific hypotheses and the possibility or impossibility of formulating a logic for that process” (Buchanan 1966). The problem of the possibility of a logic of discovery takes on a new meaning as a problem of Artificial Intelligence ( c f. the preface and Buchanan 1966). In the present chapter we shall outline some basic notions of the philosophy of science in a form which will lead us on the one hand to a certain notion of logic of discovery and on the other to several mathematical notions.




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  • Petr Hájek
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  • Tomáš Havránek
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