Plasma-Tissue Distribution of Different Cardiac Glycosides

  • D. Larbig
  • R. Haasis
Part of the International Boehringer Mannheim Symposia book series (BOEHRINGER)


As shown by other investigators with different methods (Binnion, 1973; Chamberlain, 1973a; Coltart et al., 1972; Doherty et al., 1961,1967; Güllner et al., 1974; Redfors et al., 1973), tissue glycoside concentrations of patients on digoxin maintenance therapy are usually markedly higher than “steady-state” serum concentrations. Since the relationship between steady-state serum glycoside concentration and cardiac effect is still controversial, glycoside concentrations were determined in various human tissues in order to analyze the corrélation between serum concentration and tissue concentration.


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