Acid-Base Balance During Eggshell Formation

  • P. Mongin
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One of the two main metabolic factors involved in the eggshell formation is the acid-base balance. Under normal physiological conditions the shell deposition induces metabolic acidosis regulated at the pulmonary level by hyperventilation to reduce the blood \({\text{P}}_{{\text{CO}}_{\text{2}} }\) and at the kidney level by an increase of the titratable acidity in the urine. From the data obtained by different experimental disturbances of the acid-base status it is concluded that a chronic decrease of the blood bicarbonate level reduces the calcium carbonate deposition on the eggshell and vice versa.

Besides the lungs and the kidneys, other organs are implicated in the acid-base balance such as shell gland, skeleton, and the glandular stomach. Following different acid-base status the composition of uterine fluid and of the egg albumen is given. A working model is also presented for the shell gland mucosa based upon new results on the intracellular composition. Finally a general survey tempts to make some connections between shell gland physiology and that of glandular stomach.


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