Operative Technique

  • René Liechti


Basic changes have been made in our operative technique over the years 1961–1971. The earlier arthrodesis methods have been largely replaced by rigid internal fixation. The latter allows early mobilisation, functional postoperative treatment with no necessity for cast fixation, short duration of hospital stay and rapid rehabilitation both at work and elsewhere. The operation is still a severe stress for the patient, particularly if combined with PO, and also places great demands on the surgeon and anaesthesiologist. The operation can only be successfully carried out by a surgeon with considerable experience in hip surgery, a thorough grasp of hip biomechanics and an understanding of the principles of internal fixation. An HA which is incorrectly performed with rigid internal fixation has more serious consequences than earlier operations in the event of incorrect positioning of the hip; the latter mistake can only be corrected by reoperation. The methods available today allow a suitable arthrodesis to be performed in every case. In addition they have all withstood the test of time. The individual techniques are now discussed with their specific indications.


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