Development of Wetland and Aquatic Vegetation in the Třeboň Basin Since the Late Glacial Period

  • V. Jankovská
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 28)


The development of wetland and aquatic plant communities in the South Bohemian pond basins is documented by paleogeobotanical studies of basal layers of mires (Jankovská, 1970). Macroscopic and pollen analyses of peat-bog profiles dated by the C14 method (Jankovská, unpublished) show that shallow waters occurred in the Třeboň basin as early as the late glacial period. The reconstruction of past mire communities was followed in two peat-bog profiles situated one in the southeastern part of the basin, near České Velenice (Velanská cesta), some 30 km S.E. of Třeboň, and the other in its northern part near Veselí nad Lužnicí (Švarcenberk)1.


Myriophyllum Spicatum Phragmites Communis Late Glacial Period Aquatic Plant Community Boreal Period 
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